"Being an Actor himself, his understanding of how to release the best in someone involved in staging a fight is exemplary. Actors love working with him, which in theatre is probably he best affirmation anyone can receive"

Harry Burton, Director

Hadley has a variety of experience choreographing and directing violence for stage and screen. His passion for historical combat and weaponry is reflected in his choreography and aims to bring the reality of violence into his work. A moment of physical conflict is often the climax of a scene or story and therefore he aims to help the actors find the intention behind the moves and allow them to be a truthful part of the character's journey. As a working actor himself, he understands that often simply knowing how to perform the technique isn't always enough.

If you are looking for a fight director for your production please get in touch via the contact page or for more information on Hadley's work, click here for his CV.